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How did Heinrich MOLLER get to Australia?

Henry Moller (b. 17 Nov 1840 d. 19 Mar 1918) married Wilhelmina Wolter in Ipswich in 1868. Wilhelmina had arrived in Australia in 1866 on the Cesar Godeffroy with her parents and siblings. In Merle Faulkner's book on the Moller Family it states that he arrived on the Beausite arriving in 1863. However there is no clear match for him in the departing passenger list published by Kopittke's or the arrivals list from the Queensland State Archives. There is also no mention of him in the Queensland State Archives Assissted Immigrants index 1848-1184.
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Unknown girls

I believe this was from the DAU family collection. However it could also have a PRENZLER origin.
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